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Recent Presentations

UCSC Career Center

Education Innovation Alliance "What can Online Learning do for You and your students?" (Oct. 2016)

OESIS at School / Indian Creek 2016

ESS 2015:

ISTE 2015: Workshop Start * Slides Slides Updated * Resources * Blended Learning Wiki * Blended Teacher Network

#ESS14 eLearning Strategies Symposium (**http://elearns.org/)
  • Saturday Presentation1: Implementing a Blended Learning Program in a School District
Slides * Survey * Today's Meet (Comments/Thoughts/Questions) * Resources *** Blended Learning Wiki

  • Saturday Presentation2: Tools for Administrators to Support Blended Learning
Slides * Survey * Today's Meet(Comments/Thoughts/Questions) * Resources * Blended Learning Wiki

#FallCUE 2014**

#ce14 : 2014 Connected Educator Month Blended Learning Strand Activities and Opportunities

ISTE 2014

Hybrid Learning Consortium (Barstow School, Kansas City, Mo)

CUE 2014

Stanislaus County Office of Education. ETC! 2014.
California eLearning Strategies Symposium. December 2013.

Cue 2012 Presentations. Palm Springs__
  • Are you textbook, blended or online teacher?
  • Legislative Update: Online Learning in California
  • Build the Knowledge with an Online Learning Network

Feb. 2012. Ed Tech Conference, Stanislaus County/CTAP 6. "From Textbook to Online Teacher"
Online Learning Summit 2011. Leadership 3.0 Symposium
CUE 2011. Online Learning in California. .