Big6 Treasure Hunt

Big6 Website Treasure Hunt –
Explore the Big6 website to learn how it can help you in implementing the Big6.
  1. Click on “Big6 Kids” at the left side of the page. Click on your grade level and on one of Big6 stages. Write down something you can use.

  1. In the “search box”, type in “writing process.” Click on “Writing Process for Grades 7-12.” Click on “Big6 Writing Process Organizer.” How can this be adapted for your classroom or school?

  1. Click on “Lesson Ideas” – top navigation bar. Find a lesson that could work at your level. Jot down the lesson ideas.

  1. Click on “Big6 enewsletter” and read one of the articles. (On the left side of the “Big6 ENewsletter” page, there are past issues of the newsletter.) What did you find that was interesting?

  1. Search for “Big6 Matrix” and then read Janet Murray’s “Big6 Aligns to National Standards.” Click on one of Big6 stages and jot down one of the ideas you read.

  1. Type in “Hopsicker” in the search box. Click on the name “Scott Hopsicker” and read the article about writing assessment and the Big6. How might this apply to your school?

  1. Identify another part of the Big6 website that is helpful for your classroom.

  1. How can the website help you to implement the Big6 school wide? District wide?