Big6 Workshop: Chappell Elementary School, Green Bay, WI
July 21, 2009

Chappell Wiki

Evaluation of Day for Rob)


  1. Introductions w/Big6 card intro activity.
  2. Background Tech
  3. Why the Big6
  4. Going to the Movies – Big6 review (Gr. 4-6; Gr. K-3)
  5. Review of Big6 (probably do another book activity that Bob did not do)
VoiceThread (Super 3):

6. Big6 Card Activity in groups
7. Group Lesson Plan – get started
8. Big6 and Technology Slides / Discussion about technology tools for teaching in Big6 framework (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Note: District has pages for each of these)

Group work time: Develop Big6 lessons with technology – put on sheets of paper like Big6 cards.
Share out.

Implementation Idea 2: Use Big6 cards in a staff meeting.
Staff Meeting 1: Give pre-made cards; Meeting 2: Have staff create their own cards

Big6 Group Lesson Report Back


Exploring websites in Big6 framework

Exploring NetTrekker – Big6 style
  • Let’s what example of Big6 stages we can find in Net Trekker
  • Make a group you can share with others in your school…we’ll call it the Big6 list.
  • Find websites that help to teach the different stages of the Big6

Big6 Website -

Report back on findings