UCSC Career Center Activity

Figuring Out Your Next Move: More School or Start Your Career?
Rob Darrow. December 4, 2016

Your Name:
Year in School (circle one): Grad Student, Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshman

Languages You are Fluent in: __

1. Before you started UCSC:

  • What did you hope to gain academically while attending college?

  • What was your career goal ?

2. Do you still have these same academic and career goals?

3. What is your current major? __

4. How would you rate your interest in your current major (circle one)?
  • No Interest Low Interest Not Sure Some Interest Strong Interest

Jobs and careers are constantly changing so let’s see some of the types of careers that may fit with your academic and career interests:

5. Check the two options below that you prefer:
_ Working with People
_ Working with People and Data
_ Working with People and Ideas
_ Working with Data
_ Working with Data and Things
_ Working with Things
_ Working with Ideas and Things
_ Working with Ideas

6. Following graduation, which option do you prefer?
  • Advanced College Degree
  • Start Your Career

7. Now, explore some of your future career options to determine your next move with the "World of Work Map" :