Web 2.0 - A Journey
March 7, 2007 (updated Jan. 2009)
"It is important to keep in mind that just blocking access to social web sites at school is not the end of the story. Most of the misuse of these sites takes place at home, but still affects the classroom. We have to teach our students about the safe and proper use of social web sites."
- Anne Bryant, Executive Director, National School Boards Association, Dec. 2006

A) Increase the understanding and use of Web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning.

  1. Quick Internet Quiz
  2. Handout: What is Web 2.0? Article: "Web 2.0: A New Innovation for Teaching and Learning"

3. My Web 2.0 Journey

4. Thoughts: The key is to educate our students and teachers on the best uses of the Web.

5. Handouts: “Blog Guidelines: Warlick "Blog Rules" Article. Doug Johnson's Blog Post about Blog guidelines.

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